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Please help me pay off my student loans

Debbie1952 started this conversation

My name is Debbie.  I have over $16,000 in student loans.  I am on hardship deferral now, but realize that my social security will be taken if I am unable to pay off the loans.  There is no way, unless I win the lotery, that I will be financially able to pay off my student loans ever. My doctor told me that  I am only allowed to work part-time due to my medical condition.  I am 55 years old with a 14 year old son to support.  I am divorced.  I have lost 2 children and suffer from clinical depression.  I am a christian. I am on food stamps. If someone wants to help me, they can address the check to sallieMea.  You may be able to deduct this contribution off your taxs.  Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you will consider helping me.  God bless you.  If you need further information, or want to talk to me, please let me know.  You can email me at

Please do not email me if you want sexual favors or have devious intentions.  This is a serious request and I hope you will treat it as such.  Thank you for your time.

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Hi, I'm Carvel i've been paying on my student loan since 1987 i owe $13,000 an still according loan records i have nearly 10 years before paid-off. However it's good to educate yourself,it seems like punishment paying for it. Can you please help me with this matter. Thank You!
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OlderGrad   in reply to A citizen
I will be happy to WORK. Are you hiring? Are you paying a wage that will allow me to pay off my loans and still have a non-poverty lifestyle? I didnit think so.
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meganbombs   in reply to dolldreamer
you can get that $30k need to report if to the credit card company as fraud and tell them you thought you were responsable. My boyfriend's mother did that to him and he got it back.
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I am 35 years old. I graduated with my Masters in 2007. I owed $89,500 in student loans. I am homeless and live out of my backpack.

I am learning disable and was told I would never make though high school by my teahers, I have something to prove I did major in art since my decidability makes reading and writing very difficult. I used dream of being an art teacher. Now I dream of not being hungry and lucky if I get a bed in a shelter when it cold. I am lucky that I have some friends that let me stay on there couch now and then I hate to stay to long I know it is a struggle for them as well.

I became homeless after my abusive boyfriend stole my credit cards and charged $30,000 I paid that off with school loans. one of the reason why i have so many. If any one would like to help me pay off loans get me on my feet, give me a job, or a track down the ex so I can garnish him wages. that would be a real blessing.

I am unable to find a job do to the fact I don't have an address

Please give me $89,500 or a rewind button so I can dampen this irritating frustration from my life.
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Bart   in reply to lisamia
Because I was unemployed, I could not start to pay back $19K in Salliemae loans, so I have been in deferment 3 years. Continue to defer loan payments--forever!
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Bart   in reply to Beinola
By this time you must know that you can defer loan payments for life--and after so may years it can be forgiven. 5/15/2012
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Bart   in reply to kaye88
That's a real good choice .. and a real possibility for some.
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Debbie, I was in your shoes just two weeks ago; however, on Monday, 6 May 2012, my disability award and 8 years back pay came across. That has saved my life. With a graduate degree, I still have had no job offers in three years--but now I will not have to work for the rest of my life. I wish you good fortunes. I cannot make loans. I am married and with three children.
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Help, single mother working very hard to support two sons, one in college. I have student loans that are currently in default. I desparately want to return to grad school but cannot due to loan status....send me an angel...
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Scott Noren
 in response to Anora Eldorath...   Anyone here again...please consider networking for me to the media...If you contact me, I can tell you a specific station to call.
Dr. Noren
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 in response to A citizen...   that statement is over simplified. I got married at 22 yrs old and was finishing my last yr of college and because my husband didnt have a job to speak of - I took as much loan as I could - so it would pay our rent,etc. and I have worked almost constantly since 1992 (with periods of unemployment due to either giving birth, not able to find a job after giving birth our moving states & in with my family because my husband and I could not pay rent let alone pay the payments for my loan. I got divorced in 2002 and my ex was a dead beat and never made enough or had a job for over 7 yrs to pay child support. I recently had a job for 5 yrs and due to the way I was treated I sought a new job and got one but unfortunately it wasnt a good fit and I wasnt fast enough for it so in dec 2010 I lost it and in 2011 Feb 18 I was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer . so now I cant get a job and my ex is unumployed so he only pays $200 per month. So you tell me how I can pay back a Student loan when the deferment is larger than what I origanally borrowed and I cant work and disability takes care of only the bare necessities and not the large debt my ex and I accululated. So give othe people the benefit of the doubt that they have tried as much as they could to pay the loans.
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 in response to A citizen...   there are people that do go to work every day and then try to go to school and get stuck in some dead end school that is supposed to be accredited and you can not use the credits anywhere and on top of it when you where in school they did not give your work too you and then after months of dealing with it you get tired of it and leave I live in a small town I work every day I do not miss any time there I have three kids and a wife I only make 8.25 an hour even if I wanted to move there is no money to move I tried to get into a different school can not do that either no one will accept the credits I have a high school diploma which does not mean anything anymore and in the end I was just as stuck if not more by trying to better myself working a full time job and going to school when I did get my work I had a 3.8 which means nothing now I know what people go through when they try to go back to school so for someone that says don't go to school unless you can pay it back I think that is coming from someone that has not been there seen it and gone through it for the last 12 years like myself and my family god bless the good people that try to make a difference if it was not for them we would not have anything
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A citizen
This seems to be the popular thing to do nowadays "go to school" I can't believe that people have gotten that STUPID-IGNORANTS. If you don't have money to pay back, don't go to school! WORK!
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Shocker Tee
 in response to PoorJustin...   Justin, I am so sorry about your loan amount, but I have the exact same loan amount. I relocated to this rural area in Ga. to take care of my mother who is seriously ill. Now that I am able to work, I cannot find employment here. Why? I believe because I am an outsider. Most of the business are either family own or everyone knows each other. So I am currently unemployed. I typed this message please help pay my student loan and was relieved that others share my pain. Also, once I was offered a job, I was told that I have the education, but my current skill sets are out dated. What!!!!!. More school; More training
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get off your knees
Debbie, I pay $700/month on my loans and I'm a full-time teacher in a dirt-poor school. Quit begging and use Google. Honestly, I'm not trying to be rude, I just know what it is like to be stressed about loans, and I know there are options out there, ones much more ladylike than begging strangers for a hand-out. Have some self-respect and look up forgiveness programs. For example, if you have a "medical condition" that only allows you to work part time, your can apply to have your measly $16,000 forgiven.

To Justin at PSU - now that is a story with which I can sympathize! Good luck, brother!
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 in response to Beinola...   I suggest staying in school forever until you the lotto!lol:)
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Go through William D Ford and ask them to buy your loans. They will refinance at 8% interest and can set you up on a income-contigent payment. I currently have 80K in student loans, so I understand your situation, as I cannot seem to find a teaching post in 100 miles of where I live.

William D. Ford Consolidation

If you cannot do this, then I say go back to school. Your loans will be put into deferment while in school.


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 in response to roxysmom87...   

I think the reason why they are pushing people to go back to school is because there are no jobs! Maybe they figure its better than sitting at home (???) I don't know... But I do know this - they are giving out LESS scholarships and grants and pushing MORE student and parent loans - Perhaps to stimulate the economy???

What I can suggest to anyone out there that is considering going back to school - 

GET your GED for FREE

Think long and hard about what you want to do when you grow up - will those jobs be there in 10, 20, 30 years???

Will the pay be what you need to live on?Will it be enough to support your family? Are there jobs in your area that require that degree? or will you be required to move to another state?

Do you even need a degree? Could you possibly use a certificate program instead? There are many community colleges that offer certificate programs - which are shorter in duration, cost less, and the jobs are in high demand - some can also be paid for by student loans. 

Will your employer refund the cost of your education? Some employers will reimburse( or pay for) their employees education in exchange for employment.  (i.e. hospitals reimburse employees for getting a degree in nursing after being employed for 1-2 years and staying on for another 2 years) 


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